How the Amandla Veggie mini tunnel got invented?


The idea of creating a mini tunnel to grow veggies within urban area came during the 2020 hard lock down.

During this time there was a lot of uncertainty about the future but what remained clear for me is that we as a species needed to become more independent, especially when it comes to growing our own food.

When you have a big planting area you can afford to loose some of your cultivation to pest but when you live in urban areas, the gardens are very small  often exposed to wind, snails , domestic animals etc, so the need to protect your crops from pest and the elements was a given and achieving this with pesticide wasn't part of the plan.

It took many month to design and produce the Amandla Veggie mini tunnel, because Alex wanted this veggie growing tool to be practical and user friendly, solid to last a long time  as well as aesthetically pleasing to blend in your garden, terrace or roof-top.

The Amandla Veggie's name got inspired by the apartheid struggle slogan sang by the people of South Africa,,who demanded freedom and empowerment for all. Alex believes that knowledge and sustainability are key tools to empowering individuals and communities.

"I am confident that this wonderful gardening tool will help you achieve some freedom by growing your  own organic vegetables in all type of environment with a lot more chance of success".

By using the well known "square foot gardening method" to plant inside the mini tunnel, you will optimise your planting area and produce a lot of fresh organic produce .






Alexandre Pino

Designer of the Amandla Veggie mini tunnel

Originally from France, Alex has been a nature guide in South Africa and an enthusiastic gardener for the past 18 years. Passionate about sustainable living and fresh produce, he understands the importance of biodiversity in an ecosystem as well as the value of consuming healthy food. He has designed many gardens that are now a source of abundant  healthy food.


"By  cultivating our own vegetables , herbs and fruits, we not only taking care of ourselves by consuming healthy organic products but we also have a positive impact on the well being of our planet, because we avoid the packaging as well as the transportation of the vegetables which has a positive effect on global warming."Alexandre Pino