The Amandla Veggie classic mini tunnel

This innovative garden protection has been designed to accommodate 6 planting compartments of 1 square foot each. It is ideal for small gardens who require protection from birds, animals as well as wind and harsh UV sunlight.


Size of the tunnel : Length 1040mm Width 850mm Height 630mm

YKK zips | 40% Agricultural knitted net | Non corrosive frame | 4 pegs



The Amandla Veggie box with built in irrigation system

The compact design of the Amandla Veggie box and tunnel have 6 planting compartments of 1 square foot each. Its, stylish yet rustic look is perfect for your terrace, patio, and roof top installation. it comes in 2 different heights depending of your needs.The mini tunnel can be plagued to your tap, the water runs into the frame and spray out of micro mist nozzles.

  • Box size: Length: 1100mm Width 850mm Height 750mm or 370mm

  • Stainless steel bolts | Black painted Steel legs | Rustic pine wood

  • Tunnel with YKK zips | Non corrosive frame | 40% agricultural knitted net.Built in irrigation system with 4 micro mist nozzles and tap connexion .

R 3950