How to plant in the Amandla Veggie mini tunnel for best optimisation of the space using "the  

square foot gardening method".

What is the square foot gardening method?


Square foot gardening is a simple method of creating small, orderly, and highly productive kitchen gardens.


It was invented in 1981 by backyard gardener, retired engineer, and efficiency expert Mel Bartholomew as a better way to grow a vegetable garden

The Square Foot Gardening method is estimated to cost 50% less, uses 20% less space, 10% of the water, and only 2% of the work compared to single row gardening. Additional benefits are: virtually no weeds, no digging or rototilling, and no heavy tools are necessary.

 The basic concept: Create a small garden bed and divide it into a grid of 1-foot squares, which you manage individually. Seeds or seedlings of each kind of vegetable are planted in one or more squares, at a density based on plant size.

The Amandla veggie mini tunnel can be divided into 6 different compartments, each of 1 square foot.


English spinach

6 per compartment



9 per compartment

5 Basic tips to make a success out of your Amandla Veggie mini tunnel.

Position is everything.

The Amandla veggie mini tunnel needs to be placed in an area with plenty of sunshine with a minimum of 6 hours per day.

Good ground preparation is a must.

The Amandla veggie box require 6 bags of potting soil , 3 bags of good quality compost . Regular feedings of organic nutrients is recommended, once a month.

Regular watering is essential.

The veggies needs to be water at least once a day in summer. For good water drainage in the box, it is recommended to line a porous landscape fabric such as bidum.

Accurate spacing is a necessity.

The best way to maximise your yield in a small space is to divide using a grid your planting area in compartment of 1 square foot which is roughly 30 cm x 30 cm  . The mini tunnel has 6 compartments. View our guideline of density per compartment based on plant size.


Companion planting for best result.

Best practice is to plant in the same tunnel, veggies who compliment each other, we call this "companion planting".