Our planting services

We offer planting services to give you peace of mind in the establishment of your veggie garden for a good yield of fresh organic  produce.

Designing the veggie patch for maximum yield and natural protection.

The secret to a healthy productive veggie garden lies in the preparation of the soil as well as the creation of a thriving ecosystem.We use the best compost available and we plant using the square foot gardening method to optimise the planting area in order to grow more in less space . Each one of the seedlings that we plant are carefully positioned according to their sizes and companion ability for a strong and healthy garden.

Once the establishment of your garden is complete, you will just have to give it water , watch it grow and harvest your delicious organic veggies!


Meet Alex

Designer of organic vegetable garden

Alex has been a nature guide in South Africa and an enthusiastic gardener for the past 18 years. Passionate about sustainable living and fresh produce, he understands the importance of biodiversity in an ecosystem as well as the value of consuming organic food. He has designed many gardens who are now a source of abundance of healthy food and want to help people give a kick start to cultivate their own garden by establishing their veggie patch while sharing his knowledge and passion. 


Our service fees

Establishment of veggie garden R1450 per mini tunnel


  • Soil preparation

  • Installation of the mini tunnel

  • Assorted seedlings

  • Mulch and high quality compost

  • Labour

R550 per visit


  • Organic Fertilizer

  • Mulching

  • Weeding

  • Pest and disease control